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We are GAZA. A significant player in the chemical - cosmetic.
From 20 years on Polish market. Since 4 years with global reach.



Henkel, Nivea, Procter&Gamble and many other
products you will find in our offer.

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Since 20 years we create Polish detail market. We are here distributor for many global producers but also local ones. We build our experience creating strong relations with thousands Polish customers: shops, wholesalers and local chains. From 2012 we opened on import and export.

We have learned that partnership and financial safety is the base in business. That’s why our company has excellent financial ratings from 20 years! Market customer satisfaction research shows that we did a lot to fully satisfy our customers.

Knowledge and long-time experience

We exist on the market for over 20 years in Poland and 4 years on international market. We are well-known and trusted business partner for many manufacturers. We share our knowledge and experience with customers by organizing trainings and meetings.

Good prices and wide assortment

In our offer you will find wide products portfolio. From Polish – local products to top global brands.

We negotiate prices with each our supplier to give you really good price!

Modern logistic base

We have warehouses and transportation that meets high standards. High-bay warehouses, trained staff, necessary tools to meet your expectations. Every day we are ready to deliver the most complex transactions.

The security of each transaction

These days and it’s not a problem to buy. An important aspect is the security especial when dealing with global transactions. That’s why we created the highest quality security procedures. Thanks to them you can be sure that you buy from us safely.


Products in our asortment
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We offer you world – wide brands.

We work with partners from across the European Union, North and South America, Asia, Australia and Africa. Constantly we are expanding the scope of our business.